In today's book publishing environment, self-published authors are selling tens of thousands of copies of their books and collecting healthy royalty checks.

The publishing industry looked much different just five years ago. Self-publishing was reserved for those who were seeking to catch the eye of one of the “Big 5” publishing companies. However, today all that has changed and has caused a disruption in the publishing industry.

Why are more and more authors turning to self-publishing? Simple:

  • Authors have complete control over their book
  • It is significantly more profitable
  • Traditional publishers won’t market your book for you at all, but they’ll still take a cut from each purchase.

Unless your a New York Best Selling author, there are very few reasons why anyone would want to use the traditionally publishing model in today's economic environment.

Whether you are trying to grow your authority and your business by writing a book, or are trying to leave your mark on the world, self-publishing may be the best option for you. There are several ways to get market and sell your book through multiple channels, both online and print.

Is self-publishing for you? With some proper guidance, only you can answer that question. But if you are currently an author or seeking to get a book written, now may be the best time more than ever to pursue your writing venture.